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Display Recruitment Advertising

Full page, half page, quarter page, eighth page and DPS advertisements are available. Adverts can be positioned with relevant features for maximum impact. The display rates are below.

Classified Advertising

The cost for advertising in the Directory of Classified Sections is £10 per SCC.


Loose inserts can be inserted into all of the publications. For inserts up to 60grams the cost is £150 per 1000. For heavier inserts, the price is upon application. We can also include tickets, CD-Roms etc.


Advertorials are a way of communicating product information to the reader and can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with display
Price on Application.


Certain regular sections of the magazine are available for sponsorship, including the Movers Shakers sections and in some cases front covers.
Price on Application

Display Advertising Dimensions for Liverpool Law, North West Legal News, Newcastle News and In Brief.

  • Full Page: 185mm wide x 270mm high
  • Half Page: 185mm wide x 125mm high
  • Quarter Page: 90mm wide x 125mm high
  • Eighth Page: 90mm wide x 65mm high

Display Advertising Dimensions for Manchester Messenger

  • Full Page: 245mm wide x 345mm high
  • Half Page: 227mm wide x 155mm high
  • Quarter Page: 111mm wide x 155mm high
  • Eighth Page: 111mm wide x 80mm high

Artwork is accepted in:
Adobe Photoshop Illustrator, Quark Express and high-resolution PDFs.

Advertising Rates

No of insertions 1 3 6 12
Inside front cover £1,000 £850 £700 £500
Outside back cover £1,000 £850 £700 £500
Full page £900 £750 £600 £400
Half page £475 £400 £325 £275
Quarter page £275 £250 £225 £200
Eighth page £140 £125 £110 £95
Double page spread £1,600 £1,400 £1,200 £1,000

Advertise your vacancies with us and we will post them free of charge on this website.