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Baskerville Publications has been publishing monthly and periodical magazines for local law societies for over twenty years.

The local law society publications and magazines are distributed by the Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle Law Societies, as well as the Association of North Western Law Societies and the Northern Circuit of the Bar to their members as a vehicle for promoting membership benefits, social events and CPD programmes as well as up-to date news from member firms, practice management and regulation matters, an indispensable read for regional lawyers.

The publications provide a cost effective method of advertising products and services to over 12000 members of the legal profession, whether that be in high street firms, niche practices, large commercial firms or barristers chambers. Many of our advertisers have used the local law society publications to promote their products or services for many years and find the response to be excellent.

The magazines offer opportunities for stand alone advertising, advertorials and loose inserts. For further information on how we can help you to promote business, please do fill in the enquiry form or call us.