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Solicitor Laboratory honoured by Queen for world’s fastest DNA tests

Paternity disputes can be extremely distressing and cause difficulties when it comes to making agreements concerning custody, child maintenance payments and contact arrangements.

DNA tests are an effective way of ending doubts so all parties have the evidence they need to move forward. When choosing a DNA test provider, it is important to select a company which offers accuracy, speed and discretion at a competitive price.

AlphaBiolabs offers DNA test results the next working day as standard, making them the fastest in the world. Their efficient approach to DNA testing has now seen the UK-based laboratory honoured by the Queen with an award which was announced on her 90th birthday.

AlphaBiolabs has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for developing a fast DNA testing method. The Queen’s Awards scheme is regarded as the UK’s most prestigious business awards and each year the winners are announced on the Queen’s birthday.

Based in Cheshire, with nationwide Walk-in Centres, AlphaBiolabs works with family law firms all over the UK, carrying out DNA tests for clients who need to establish the paternity of a child. The firm is accredited by the Ministry of Justice to carry out parentage tests as directed by the Civil Courts in England and Wales under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act (1969) which means the samples follow a strict chain of custody so the results are suitable to be used as evidence during court proceedings if necessary.

Company offers speed and reliability

Commercial director Rachel Davenport said: “We are delighted to have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise and so pleased that our efforts to offer fast, accurate DNA testing have been recognised. Waiting for DNA test results can be frustrating at times as the result can often change the direction of a case so we have worked hard to make the process as efficient as possible.”

“At AlphaBiolabs, we understand the pressure of meeting tight deadlines and preparing evidence in time for important court dates. We offer results the next working day as standard, which is the fastest in the world and we also offer a same day service for legal DNA tests if required.”

The company handles all of its testing in-house, and maintains a strict chain of custody for all legal DNA, Drug and Alcohol tests to protect the integrity of each and every sample. It was also the first UK based laboratory to use 24 markers for paternity testing, again ensuring accurate results.

AlphaBiolabs began offering next day results as standard as a result of its work with the Jeremy Kyle Show and local authorities. They are the only company trusted to carry out DNA tests for the ITV show and the team developed a streamlined analysis method so it could provide the programme with results in just five hours after receiving the samples.